Shannon Donovan: Sculptor and Installation Artist
I am a visual translator. My work is based on transmuting materials and blending contradictions—blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors, the refined and the vernacular, the industrial and the homespun, and craft and art. My background in art history and cross-cultural experiences inform and continually expand my visual vocabulary.

Found objects loom large in my practice; I reinterpret them in clay and place them in new contexts. A sheep skull found in a farmer's field becomes a hyperdecorative porcelain sculpture; a battered hubcap, lost by the side of the road, is transformed into a "wallflower"; or metal utility covers are re-rendered as cheerful earthenware multiples. Through this process of exploring the decorative potential of everyday items, our expectations about appropriateness shift, and we might begin to ask what's so good about good taste.